Case Studies

Legal Firm

HDK Group took over a failing Legal firm, which was on the verge of being intervened by the Regulators and the owner at risk of being made bankrupt, with debts exceeding £3 million.

The business was mis-managed and through taking a hands-on approach, we were able to stave off the intervention and stabilise the business. The business required wholesale changes to its operating model, which was heavily skewed towards Legal Aid work. This revenue stream was under immense pressure, due to governmental cut backs.

By prioritising and repositioning the business, debts of £3 million have been fully repaid and the company has been successfully wound down with a surplus of £2 million.

This successful turnaround has been recognised by the Law Society as a first of its kind and will be published in the highly acclaimed Law Society journal. The turnaround has also been recognised by the Houses of Parliament, who will highlight the case on their website in the coming months.  

Hospitality Firm

HDK Group acquired a dilapidated 16th century Castle on the brink of being taken over by English Heritage, due to neglect and a number of enforcement orders not being adhered to by the previous owner and his staff.

Following a comprehensive refurbishment creating a fusion of old with new, the Castle was converted into a luxury 4 star Hotel and has seen year on year growth of 20% over the past 3 years

Ineffective staffing was replaced with a strong and diverse team who shared the same vision and had a strong work ethos. Shareholder value has increased by £5 million.

Property Firm

HDK Group acquired a property company, which owned a number of non-core businesses.

After undertaking a review, the company was broken up and non-core businesses sold off, with the core business stream being re-engineered and repositioned to take advantage of target markets.

The exercise yielded an increase in shareholder value of £3 million in asset value and an immediate profit of £0.8 million.

Financial Services

Provided seed capital for a start-up businesses, specialising in bespoke commercial finance boutique, which will launch within the next 6-12 months.

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