Bupa currently holds a position as a NED Board member for an existing Financial Services company, which provides critical market data benchmark reporting, to the major Investment Banks and Regulators. He has assisted the founder in defining the strategy, positioning of the firm and aligning the budgetary discipline, to ensure the firm continues to captures market share, without losing sight of the here and now.

NED Board member for a Hospitality company. The company has an ambitious owner, but lacks the financial acumen, to navigate the business through its expansionary phase. Bupa has instigated a strong budgetary ethos coupled with a robust financial plan was employed by the business, to ensure the growth did not lead to cash flow issues. He instilled management buy-in by recruiting a Finance Director to help the owner navigate his business.

Provided advisory services to a hospitality company, which required to focus on core businesses and hive off non-core businesses, which were having a negative impact on cash flow and impacting the survival chances for the company. Bupa assisted the company in taking remedial action, by making drastic changes to the business model and working with the Lender to hive off non-profitable business and repositioning the company into a smaller but profitable entity.  

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